Aim High Awards

Each year, the Down Syndrome Aim High Resource Center (DSAHRC) presents the Aim High Awards, which recognize members of our community who have made a difference in the lives of people living with Down syndrome. The Aim High Self Advocacy Award is also presented, recognizing an individual with Down syndrome for outstanding achievements and for being an inspiration to others.

The Board of Directors of DSAHRC selects up to four individuals each year to receive these awards. Nominations are welcome from all members of DSAHRC.

DSAHRC recognizes that important and inspiring contributions can come in a wide variety of ways and decisions about the recipients of the Aim High Award will be made on an individual basis, carefully reviewing the contributions of each individual nominated for the award. The Board of Directors of DSAHRC will use the following selection criteria to guide its decisions:

The individual(s) are recognized for their contributions over a sustained period of time

The individual(s) are recognized for their contributions to a larger group of people with Down syndrome

The individual(s) are recognized for contributions that have made a "measurable" difference

These selection criteria are not "written in stone", but rather will serve as a framework for discussion in the process of selecting individuals for the Aim High Award.

To nominate an individual or "team", please send a written one-page statement describing why this person or persons should be chosen for the Aim High Award or the Aim High Self-Advocacy Award to:

Down Syndrome Aim High Resource Center, 2 Corporate Woods Blvd, 5th floor, Albany, NY 12211, ATTN: Awards Committee

Should your nominee(s) be selected, you will be notified, and you will be asked to invite them as a complimentary guest(s) of DSAHRC.

Please join our organization in thanking these special people in our community!

If you have any questions, please contact the DSAHRC at (518) 738-0020 x3726 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Winners of the Aim High Award

2000       Dr. Matthew Farina
               Joanne Fitzgerald
               Diane E. Lang
               Dr. Wilma Jozwiak
               Kristie Schimpf
               Mary Ellen Whitney

2001      Kevin Cleveland
              Sue Delair
              Sue & Jim Donahue
              Pastor Dennis Meyer
              Ray Newman

2002      Janet Carmody
              Ann & Brian Nobis
              Dr. Eric Spooner
              Frederick Stutzman

2003     Dr. Susan DeLuke
             Dr. Anthony Malone
             Dr. Terri Ward

2004     Renee Hallock
             Joan Mills
             Christopher Vooys

2005     Doug Bauer
             Dr. Neil Devejian
             Jonathan Swick

2006     Sujeet Desai
             Carrie Bergeron-Desai
             Kathy Malinowski
             Jackie Sweeney

2007    Karen Morgan
            Jessica Miller
            Patty Anderson
            Betsy VanDeusen
            Vincenzina Farry
            Arlissa Simon

2008    Karen Dake
            Carly Dowd
            Barbara Hinrichs
            Carol List
            Terry Van Evera
            Lisa Zadoorian


2011    D.J. Nolan
            Stephen Weber
            Barbara Hinrichs
            Carol Fruiterman
            Joni Rhodes

2011    Young Leadership Awards:
            Olivia Bobarakis
            Kevin Carmody
            Claire Connally
            Joni Rhodes